Enterprise-Wide Data Integration Solution

Enterprise-Wide Data Integration Solution

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  • 5:04PM May 15, 2013
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Where They Were

Leaders in the U.S. Air Force needed to be able to access the entirety of the health conditions of each of their weapon systems. The problem was that the required data was scattered among isolated systems each holding only a fraction of the information needed.

Leaders identified the following needs:

  • Assess readiness of weapons systems.
  • Streamline the collection, modification, storage, sharing, and analytical processing of weapon system information.
  • Address security challenges so data could be shared.
  • Make data easily available to all users.

Making Life Easier

RJ Lee Group developed an innovative web-based solution that opened data at the source and presented it to the end user without interrupting data flows or causing time lag to data availability or transition. At the same time, we established relationships between the various systems to create a more centralized security processing. This integration of user identities and the enabling of policy-based access control reduced security management needs. By leveraging existing security protocols and mapping the new policies to roles and privileges already in the systems we were able to capitalize on existing resources. We designed the web interface to be entirely user-customizable which was a major accomplishment given the variety of job functions, research interests and security involved.

The Real Solution

When answering the question of readiness, timing is everything. Introducing any delay to the delivery of data diminishes the effectiveness of the enterprise as a whole, so we needed to develop a real-time solution that included all critical data that could be viewed by users. Combining the centralized security with the integration of the different system platforms and our customizable web-interface and visualization tools we were able to provide the total solution.

With a cohesive view of the entire suite of U.S. Air Force weapons systems, decision makers had all the information they needed at their fingertips. An accurate assessment of readiness could be made in an instant. Data-inspired research activities and continuous capability improvements, previously thought impossible, became straightforward tasks. Data can now be shared across the organization and product delivery can be uniformly interpreted. Most importantly our solution allows all the teams and all the systems in the organization to work together, creating a stronger, more intelligent organization.