Allegheny-Erie Society of Toxicology (AESOT)

Allegheny-Erie Society of Toxicology (AESOT)

30th May 2018

Join us on May 30th at the Annual Meeting of the Allegheny-Erie Society of Toxicology (AESOT) Regional Chapter at the Erickson Alumni Center in Morgantown, West Virginia. Our experts will be discussing all of our scientific and laboratory capabilities including Environmental Health & Safety and Chemistry.

Along with our exhibit, Don Ewert, IH, will be giving a presentation titled “GHS Hazard Inversion Techniques; Measuring Bioavailability.” The topic areas for this presentation include GHS Safety Data Sheet AuthoringProduct Hazards and Lifecycle Management, and Materials Characterization and Hazard Inversion. A brief description of this presentation can be found below:

Abstract: “With adoption of GHS, OSHA has incorporated a highly complex characterization scheme into what was once, a well-structured system of Hazard Communication.  Given a new allowance for ‘expert judgement’, however, OSHA’s ‘Letter-of-Interpretation’ library is destined to swell.  All because authors can now choose between an ingredient approach and final mixture paradigm.  While the first method offers simplicity and processing speed, the latter requires rigor and a host of analytical techniques.  Both methods have advantages, but only the final mixture approach offers Hazard Inversion on a scientifically validated basis.”

The theme for the 2018 Allegheny-Erie Society of Toxicology meeting will be an examination of novel targets of xenobiotic exposures including systems, stem cells, and exosomes and their roles in disease development. Keynote speakers will headline each of the three scientific sessions. Undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and young investigators will have the opportunity to present their research in each session or during the unified poster presentation session.

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