EUEC 2019

EUEC 2019

San Diego, California
25th February 2019

Join Dr. Heinz Huber at the Energy, Utility & Environment Conference (EUEC) 2019 on February 25th-26th at the Convention Center in San Diego, California. Visit Heinz at Montrose Environmental Inc., booth #642 and pick up a flyer discussing the collaboration between RJLG and Montrose on the PTR-MS mobile unit.

On Tuesday, February 26th, Heinz will be giving a presentation titled “New Developments in Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS).” The abstract for this presentation is as follows:

“RJ Lee Group, Inc. offers proton transfer reaction mass spectrometer, or PTR-MS, as one of the most advanced, continuous environmental monitoring technologies current available to provide real-time, sensitive, and accurate VOC analyses.  The PTR-MS instruments are designed to detect VOCs with an efficiency and speed far outperforming traditional air monitoring methods. In addition to its standalone iteration, RJ Lee Group incorporated this technology into a mobile laboratory. This allows three different sampling scenarios: 1) provide monitoring services within 200 feet of the mobile lab with a hose; 2) dispatch the instrument into any building and sample directly; and 3) perform monitoring while driving. The PTR-MS mobile laboratory provides real-time quantitative results down to single digit pptv-levels. 

RJ Lee Group will present its findings from recent, real time, continuous monitoring events at a major refinery terminal in California, stack monitoring at an ethanol plant for emissions treatment, low level detection and compound identification at rapid vehicle speeds in motion, will show comparisons to traditional air monitoring techniques and provide updates on EPA and ASTM methods for PTR-MS.

The PTR-MS direct air sampling requires no sample preparation, with real time analysis in 1 second increments for instant quantification. Changes in air quality can be captured in real time; tracking of fugitive emissions is suitable with the setup in the mobile laboratory. Switchable reagent ions allow analysts to discriminate between isomeric VOC compounds for separation and identification while in the field.”

With over 1500 attendees, 400 speakers and 200 exhibits, this 22nd annual EUEC is the United States’ largest professional networking event of its kind. To learn more about this event, please click here. To schedule a meeting with Heinz at this event, please click the button below. We look forward to seeing you there!


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