Webinar – Validating Mineral Product Safety: Using Science Can Change GHS and Prop-65 Hazard Classifications

Webinar – Validating Mineral Product Safety: Using Science Can Change GHS and Prop-65 Hazard Classifications

1st April 2020

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While most companies understand the fundamentals of hazard classification and creation of an effective SDS, few go beyond the basics of raw ingredient profiling. Because of this, most mined mineral and aggregate materials receive hazard classifications, whether due to the presence of crystalline silica or as a result of some benign metals content – resulting in significant handling and transportation costs. To overcome these consequences, attendees will be introduced to the final mixture approach RJ Lee Group developed to successfully achieve GHS and HazCom 2012 declassification across a wide range of mined mineral products.

Employing scientifically validated methods for toxicological characterization, this discussion details a host of internationally accepted techniques used to achieve Hazard Inversion. This highly regarded presentation intermingles GHS classification exemptions with a real-world example of the hazard reclassification process.  In addition to engaging audience members to reconsider their own As-Presented product scenarios, participants will be provided with a recent case study and real-world example of Hazard Inversion success.

About The Presenter

Don Ewert has experienced a career of practice in occupational health and specializes in developing risk assessment profiles and management strategies for extremely hazardous exposures including asbestos, toxic chemicals, nanomaterials, and highly potent drug compounds. His major occupational and environmental work includes oversight for an array of EH&S activities within industrial, commercial, and governmental installations. Accordingly, he has worked extensively as both hygienist and toxicologist, performing vivarium studies, preparing GHS compliant documents, and as Subject Matter Expert in the development of international guidance and laws affecting sampling methodologies, exposure controls, and nanotechnology-related safety. In addition to his extensive experience in designing complex containment and control systems, Don is a recognized expert in exposure assessment and in developing health banding systems. His research findings have been published across many peer-reviewed journals, magazines, and books.


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