RJ Lee Group is always working to make life easier for our visitors. We’ve put together a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from customers.

Where is the Chain of Custody?

Click here for our General COC, IH / Environmental COC, and Asbestos by Method LAB.055.1 COC.

What is the Turnaround Time (TAT) for my project?

The TAT depends on the analysis you are having done. Some standard analyses’ TAT is listed in our searchable Lab Services Guide here. If you don’t see the analysis you need, please contact us.

Is RJ Lee Group ISO-certified?

Yes, we are ISO-certified. For our complete list of accreditations, please click here.

Can RJ Lee Group help me to understand and interpret my lab results?

Yes, we have qualified consultants on staff that can help interpret your laboratory results.

What containers should I use for my samples?

Many bulk samples can be placed in a zippered bag.  Clean glass jars are acceptable for liquids.   All containers should seal to prevent cross contamination.  If you are unsure, please contact  us.

How should I label my samples?

Each sample should have an unique ID which should be written on the sample (if applicable) or on its container.

How should I ship my samples?

Care should be taken in packaging the samples so that the samples arrive intact.  For instance, wrap glass jars in bubble wrap to prevent breakage.  Even concrete samples should be wrapped individually in bubble wrap to prevent damage. If you have other questions, please contact us.