Polymers and Plastics

The Problem with Polymers

Polymers and plastics manufacturers know the material’s properties vary significantly throughout the material spectrum. Although they provide numerous advantages over other less alterable materials, their requirements and design considerations are not always understood at the onset of a project. This can result in costly failures and inconsistencies down the line. No matter where you are in the material life cycle, our experts, backed by a full-service laboratory with comprehensive analytical capabilities and equipment, are ready to assist you with:

  • Product or prototype development including material selection/replacement
  • Manufacturing support
  • Root cause failure analyses

Product or Prototype Development

A functioning and compliant final product begins with the selection of the correct polymer—one based on the material’s properties, your process development process and your product/prototype requirements. Using a comprehensive approach, we consider all possible steps in the product life cycle to make that determination.

Material Selection

We use appropriate techniques, available material data and product requirements to determine if the selected polymers fit your product development process. These may include:

  • Material characterization techniques, including nano-characterization
  • Raw material specifications, acceptance and quality control certifications
  • Formulations, processing, and molding data
  • Surface treatment and resulting properties

Comprehensive Approach

Once we have determined how the selected material will react during your process, we can apply this knowledge throughout your product life cycle development to avoid any adverse effects. Additional steps in a comprehensive approach may include:

  • Third-party laboratory testing and assessment
  • Analytical protocol and experimental design
  • Material and Process development
  • Rapid prototype projects
  • Product and prototype testing

Manufacturing Support and Troubleshooting

We can help identify the root cause of failure whether the result of the material used or the process itself. By assessing your process, we can also work with you to develop a sustainable plan—for new products or for the improvement of your existing product—which may include, when appropriate, experimental design for process and product characterization, reduction in product variability, and product testing.

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