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Metals & Alloys

Data you can rely on, expert metallurgists you can trust.

Metals serve as the basis for some of our economy’s most critical industries, from construction to aerospace. At RJ Lee Group, we understand the importance of these materials and provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure their integrity, performance and compliance. Our metallurgical laboratory serves as a problem-solving partner, augmenting the technical capabilities of our clients with a wide array of services.

We provide critical problem-solving metallurgy resources as wide ranging as root cause failure analysis, evaluations of the effect of melt practice on finished products, characterization of coatings and surface treatments, examination of nanoscopic thin films, and the analysis of melt shop waste streams for recoverables. Our networked instruments allow clients to virtually witness their analyses in many cases.

We can serve as an extension of your own  laboratory, providing critical resources for your technical team to meet tight deadlines, handle volume demands, perform in-depth analysis, and more. Clients can submit samples for our team to process, or you can schedule time to work with our staff on our instruments. You get improved resolution and imaging with reduced downtime because our metallurgical analysis laboratory boasts the largest commercially available suite of electron microscopes in the United States.

Our Approach

RJ Lee Group approaches the medical device industry with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our team's expertise in materials science and engineering ensures that every analysis meets the highest standards, directly contributing to the safety and efficacy of your medical devices.

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Key Services
  • Material Characterization and Failure Analysis
  • Mechanical and Structural Integrity Testing

  • Wear Debris Analysis
  • Biocompatibility Testing

  • Regulatory Compliance and FDA Approval Support

What Sets Us Apart

Our laboratory's cutting-edge technology, combined with our team's comprehensive expertise, enables us to offer unparalleled support in the development and testing of medical devices. From prototype to production, we ensure every device meets the industry's rigorous standards.

Consulting and Testing Services

Full-Service Materials Laboratory

The largest suite of electron microscopes in the U.S., including advanced automated analysis. 

Environmental and Corrosion Testing

Conducting product-specific simulations, standard analyses and accelerated life testing in simulated service environments.

Product Development Support

Providing QA/QC analytical support, metallurgy identification and qualification, and manufacturing process troubleshooting.

Powdered Metal Characterization for 3D Printing Services
Specializing in flow and packing behavior analysis, particle size and shape distribution and compositional information by EDS.
How We Support Our Clients

In-depth Materials Analysis

Utilizing our extensive suite of tools and expertise to perform comprehensive metallurgical characterizations, ensuring that metals and alloys meet stringent specifications.


Failure Analysis

Identifying the root causes of material failures to improve product durability and reliability.


Corrosion Testing and Prevention

Offering advanced testing to predict how materials will perform under environmental stressors, extending the lifespan of critical components.


Process Optimization

Refining manufacturing processes to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and ensure the highest quality of final products.


powder metal header


Automated Steel Cleanliness Analysis Tool (ASCAT)
High-precision Chromatography and Spectroscopy for detailed analysis
Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) Microscopy
Nanotechnology applications in coatings development
Advanced simulation tools for product performance prediction
Custom chemical synthesis and formulation technologies

Representative Clients

Steel Producers
Aerospace and Defense Contractors
Environmental Consultancies

Client Success Stories

Corrosion Resistance Strategies for Industrial Processes
Optimization of Steel Production Processes for Improved Quality
Jet Engine
Root Cause Analysis of Aerospace Component Failures

Discuss Metallurgical Analysis with an Expert

Discover how RJ Lee Group’s metallurgical analysis laboratory can help your organization, from product development to chemical analysis. Contact an RJ Lee Group expert today to learn more about our laboratory services.
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