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Oil & Gas

Today’s oil & gas industries face unprecedented challenges and opportunities thanks to rapid technological advancements and shifting environmental regulations. RJ Lee Group is a pivotal partner in this dynamic environment, providing a comprehensive suite of analytical and consulting services tailored to the unique needs of the oil and gas sectors. From upstream exploration and production to downstream refining and distribution, our team offers the insights and solutions necessary to enhance efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance and minimize environmental impact.

RJ Lee Group helps to drive innovation with a team of over 200 scientists, engineers, and technicians with diverse technical backgrounds and experience to provide the laboratory and technical problem-solving support that energy professionals need to continue to meet changing demands. We partner with our oil and gas clients to develop specialized testing to meet their unique needs, testing not readily available from other laboratories. We consult at every phase of a project to provide a range of environmental testing and analysis services.

Our Approach

In the oil and gas industry, RJ Lee Group prioritizes an approach that balances technological advancement with environmental responsibility. We leverage cutting-edge analytical techniques and deep industry knowledge to address the unique challenges of this sector, focusing on efficiency, sustainability, and compliance.

Oil & Gas 6-1

Key Services
  • Shale Microstructure Analysis
  • Geoanalytical Testing
  • Drilling Process Evaluation
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting

What Sets Us Apart


Our edge in the oil and gas industry comes from our ability to integrate advanced scientific methodologies with a keen understanding of environmental and regulatory landscapes. This dual focus ensures that our clients receive not only technically superior solutions but also strategies that are environmentally conscious and compliant with current regulations.

Testing Services

Geoanalytical Testing

Offering mineralogy, geochemistry, waste characterization, and product quality assessments to support decision-making processes.

Drill Cuttings Evaluation

Analyzing drilling mud and the effectiveness of fluids and solids control processes to optimize drilling operations.

Corrosion Assessment

Investigating potential corrosion issues and their causes to extend the lifespan of infrastructure and equipment.

Proppant Characterization

Ensuring product quality to maximize the effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing operations.

Shale Microstructure Analysis

Utilizing high-resolution microscopic and Raman imaging to explore organic and inorganic features, enhancing recovery and exploration strategies.

How We Support Our Clients

Advanced Analytical Capabilities

Employing a broad range of analytical techniques to provide detailed insights into the composition and quality of geological samples, drilling fluids, and production chemicals.


Customized Solution Development

Partnering with clients to develop specialized testing protocols that address unique challenges, enhancing operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.


Regulatory Compliance Support

Establishing baseline data to facilitate the navigation of complex environmental regulations, helping to mitigate risk and avoid potential fines.


Oil & Gas 6-1


Electron Microscopy for detailed material analysis
Advanced material analysis for corrosion resistance
Optimization of extraction and processing techniques
Navigating regulatory compliance in global markets
Implementing cutting-edge technology for enhanced exploration and production

Representative Clients

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies
Drilling and Service Companies
Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers

Client Success Stories


Successful identification of pipe corrosion issues, leading to mitigation strategies that extended the life of pipelines.

Oil Rig

Mineralogical analyses leading to optimized drilling operations.

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