IntelliSEM Particle Analysis

Seeing It All: Automating the Scanning Electron Microscope

RJ Lee Group’s IntelliSEM particle characterization system represents a significant advancement in the automated identification and analysis of inclusions, particles, and fibers. The IntelliSEM system has been developed upon the SEM platform with EDS detector  technology. The advanced optics and integrated EDS allow the IntelliSEM on-line analysis software (Prospector) to characterize features in fractions of a second.

Combining a scanning electron microscope (SEM), x-ray analyzer (EDS) and intelligent software to create CCSEM (computer-controlled scanning electron microscopy), IntelliSEM efficiently locates, sizes, and characterizes large numbers of individual particles. 

How It Works

Once the analysis is complete, the IntelliSEM Workbench provides a powerful, user-friendly interface to allow the analyst to review the results and compile summaries in an efficient manner. Summarization protocols can utilize predefined rules, visual review, or clustering algorithms to combine similar features into unique classes. Customizable tables and charts allow for both standard and unique ways to view results for interpretation.

The Workbench can also integrate other sample information and characterize results to provide a complete review and report. The interface can be tailored to the clients’ needs with specific data views and reports. Those views can then be saved and used at a later date for rapid summarization of data.

Data storage uses a SQL database and can be accessed remotely via VPN. Analyses can also be stored to the cloud or transferred to local computers for data portability.

Analyses can be reviewed in real time with an easy-to-view layout.

 User-defined views make data review faster and easier to repeat.

Various chart types assist with comparing multiple sample results.

Various chart types assist with comparing multiple sample results.