Need a Partner for Your Bioactive Materials Characterization and Development

We are experts in analytical testing and characterization of raw materials and finished products using a wide array of elemental analysis and microscopy techniques.

RJ Lee Group has client lists in both consumer products and pharmaceutical industries who trust us with their validation and testing. Feel free to reach out to see if our wide array of laboratory capabilities can serve your needs. RJ Lee Group is an ISO-compliant, FDA registered laboratory. Our experts use validated protocols and execute in a cGMP-level environment to investigate your problem and provide resolution.

We are nationally recognized for these capabilities:


We provide testing for total elemental composition of these products by ICP or XRF, and heavy metal analysis by ICP-MS.


Crystalline phase information by XRD and particle morphology and characterization by electron microscopy

Bioactive Materials

We work with multiple companies in the characterization of their bioactive materials, including performing bioactivity studies

A Bioactive Materials Characterization and Development partner

for the Pharma and Consumer Products Industries