The US Oil and Gas industry is in the midst of a dramatic and exciting transformation. Since the onset of the shale gas revolution in 2007, American innovation and technology has caused production to soar to previously unimaginable levels while decreasing the environmental footprint.

Like the Oil and Gas industry, RJ Lee Group is constantly improving and expanding our support for energy production. In addition to providing standard testing offered by many environmental labs, we partner with Oil and Gas clients to develop unique specialized testing not readily available from most other laboratories. More than 200 scientists, engineers, and technicians with diverse technical backgrounds and experience provide the laboratory and technical problem-solving support that energy professionals need to continue to revolutionize the industry.

A Wide Range of Specialized Services for Oil and Gas

Shale Microstructure – High resolution microscopic and Raman imaging of organic and inorganic microstructure features. Proprietary software enables high resolution mapping of large areas of core.

Geoanalytical Testing – Mineralogy, geochemistry, waste characterization, product quality

Drill Cuttings – Evaluation of drilling mud and efficiency of fluids and solids control process

Flow Loop Friction Reducer testing and Hydraulic Fracturing Chemical Evaluations – Friction reducers, scale inhibitor, biocide in oil and gas

Scales and Deposit Characterization – Identification, cause assessment, and inhibition

Corrosion Assessment – Cause and potential corrosion issues

Proppant Characterization – Product quality

Failure Analysis –Failure assessments of metals, polymers, concrete and other materials

Cement and Concrete Characterization – AASHTO certified characterization and failure analysis

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Measurements – Laboratory-based and mobile real-time field emission measurements

Particle Characterization – Particle size distribution; particle size, composition, morphology, and imaging, airborne particulate and industrial particulate emissions

Industrial Hygiene AssessmentCrystalline silica, asbestos, dust, diesel, and air monitoring

Materials Characterization – Geologicals, metals, polymers & plastics, coatings

Bentonite Testing – Bentonite detection and analysis

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