Laboratory Informatics

Having worked with and for scientists and engineers for over 20 years, our software architects know what is needed to manage the multiple aspects of engineering systems maintenance and laboratory informatics. We build your software support system to adapt to your processes, your staff and your requirements.

Themis Forensic LIMS Software

More than 30 years of laboratory processes combine with two decades of criminal forensics experience to produce the LIMS you will use to take back control of processes, caseload and communication.

SEAMS Big Data Platform

Modern technology presents advancements and improvements that tip the manufacturing scales, offering predictive capabilities for the early discovery of system performance deficiencies, assessment requirements, and lowering cost. Companies are finding a growing need to collect the data generated by this technology more efficiently, and use it more effectively.

Laboratory Software

We examine your unique processes and then design LIMS that adapt to you.

Engineering & Maintenance Systems

RJ Lee Group delivers the information management and software tools you need to support and improve the reliability of your engineered systems.

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