Lab Software

Laboratory Informatics Software

At RJ Lee Group, we examine your unique processes and then design LIMS that adapt to you.

Our LIMS Supports Your Processes

Having worked with and for scientists and analysts for over 20 years, our software architects understand how laboratories operate. A chemistry laboratory might have similar procedures for reporting, security and data storage as an electronics testing lab, but that doesn’t mean both laboratories carry out these functions in the same way. We realize that after years of trial and error, you may have finalized the processes that work for your laboratory. Giving up that comfort to manage your laboratory more effectively is a big step. But with our LIMS, that’s a step you don’t have to take. We build your Laboratory Information Management System to adapt to your processes, your staff and your requirements.

The Right LIMS for Your Lab

LIMS implementations of the past were lengthy, costly and inflexible. Our LIMS manages the multiple aspects of laboratory informatics needed to support your lab’s operations, like workflow and data tracking support, by using a flexible architecture. Any LIMS we design is dependent upon how you use the system. Is your industry focus research, criminal forensics, environmental or commercial analyses? Are you in need of special case management tools? Do you require barcode handling or instrument integration? As your laboratory demands change, the function of your LIMS will need to change as well. We will design the package that meets your unique requirements, and we will act as your partner or guide to meet the new industry and technological demands you require to keep current.

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