The Laboratory Lifeline – Your Processes

You have internal procedures that must be followed and you have external regulations that must be met. You worked hard to establish and smooth out the protocols to meet these requirements, along with the forms and sequences that work the best. No need to toss them aside. Unlike other software packages in which you typically have to make adjustments to how you usually do your work, Themis lets you easily make changes so that our software adapts to your processes.

The Command Center – Insight at a Glance

The Themis Activities Pane monitors laboratory performance in real time so you can see “at a glance” exactly what’s going on. Here is where you monitor and control who has assigned cases, who is available and what your backlog is. Status updates posted by your team, allow any analyst to pick up where the other left off to ensure work is progressing and not being duplicated or missed. Advisory alerts allow you to redistribute workload so deadlines can be met.

Collaboration – No Physical Boundaries

Your physical presence is not required on site to participate in a discussion or to post a comment regarding a case or document evidence. You always have access to crucial information. Use any device that connects to the internet to access Themis while in the field, in court or at home.

Experience – We Know Labs

Our experts have applied what they have learned from three-plus decades of running laboratories to offer you the most advanced technology, the most configurable processes, and the easiest-to-use software in the LIMS market – Themis 2.5, a criminal forensics software package that is fully aligned with ISO 17025 and ASCLD standards.

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