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Why Do You Need Sampling Throughout Your Process?

The quality of a product often depends on the raw materials and components used to manufacture it. Some of these components' quality can be effectively monitored and controlled, while others cannot. For the product to meet finished product quality requirements, the properties of these constituents must be guaranteed throughout the manufacturing process. Quality analyses to detect the causes of process variability can be carried out at all stages of the product life cycle so that immediate corrective action can be taken. By validating that samples meet specified quality controls, inconsistencies can be detected early before continuing a run of potentially defective products.

Benefits of Sampling Throughout Your Process

Product sampling and testing is a strategic, ongoing activity that supports your quality assurance program to ensure that product is suitable for the intended purpose and that mistakes are eliminated.

An ongoing sampling and testing program:

  • Improves product performance by mitigating inconsistencies
  • Reduces cost by eliminating process problems
  • Builds a database for historical data
  • Monitors product quality from usual and alternate suppliers
  • Develops a competitive advantage by producing consistent product

Why RJ Lee Group?

  • Laboratory Services
    • We have the advanced technology to characterize foreign particulate matter (FPM) using microanalysis and investigative chemistry to determine the root cause.
  • Acceptance Sampling
    • We follow the sampling plan you have set up to analyze the sample size and criteria you have determined.
  • Standardization
    • We ensure that every like sample is tested exactly the same way.
  • Sample Database
    • We enter abnormalities into a database so that you have historical data to bolster process improvement.
  • Simulation Testing
    • We can provide simulation chambers or testing environments that replicate real-life situations to provide information on product performance, or compliance with safety data sheet requirements.

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