PFAS Lab Testing and Analysis

PFAS Regulations, Pre-Screening, and Manufacturer Consulting

Traces of PFAS have been found in water, air, and soil in a wide variety of geographic locales. There is limited data, but extensive speculation about the health implications of PFAS exposure. Exposure to PFAS has been claimed to cause cancer, high cholesterol, liver damage, and thyroid disease, among other impacts. PFAS has been found in some foods, packaging, cookware, adhesives, sealants, fabrics, fire fighting foams, and cosmetic products.

Targeted Analysis with LC-MS/MS

RJ Lee Group can analyze samples for PFAS constituents following several established methods including:

  • EPA 533
  • EPA 537 Rev. 1.1
  • ASTM D7979 with Isotopic Dilution
  • ASTM D7968-17

These are targeted methods for determining concentrations of specific PFAS compounds, such as PFOA and PFOS. Over 20 PFAS chemicals can be targeted.

Targeted Analysis with LC-MS/MS

Why Our Customers Choose Us?

Standard 24-48 hour turnaround times


Detection limits below method requirements

Long experience in producing legally defensible data

Developing groundwater sampling technique for superior accuracy

Partnered with one of the largest global analytical instrument makers for state-of-the-art capabilities

Method Development and Consulting

Our scientists aim to help lower PFAS detection limits and find new, cheaper and faster pre- screening methods. RJ Lee Group scientists are working with industry leaders and regulators to develop methods for improved analysis. RJ Lee Group provides a 360 degree approach to data interpretation including identification of potential sources and data integration with other relevant environmental analyses.

Untargeted Analysis with LC-MS-TOF

Identification of Unknowns

Detection of PFAS compounds not specifically targeted by ASTM or EPA methods.

Chemical Fingerprinting

Evaluation of detected constituents beyond targeted PFAS compounds can be used to identify or eliminate potential sources.

PFAS is an Emerging Contaminant of Interest for Air Quality

PFAS in the atmosphere can be carried long distances before deposition onto land and water.

RJ Lee Group can perform sampling for PFAS in the air. Sample collection is performed on solid media and analysis is done with LC-MS/MS test methods.