Product Development

Why does product development need extended support?

In an increasingly diverse consumer marketplace, there is a great demand for innovative and reliable products. The journey from inception to market for these new products includes many milestones that help ensure safe and dependable products. Achieving these milestones frequently requires external experience and expertise. Whether you need to perform life cycle testing that simulates the usage demands of the modern consumer, or to screen materials for compatibility and performance to ensure the best possible product is delivered to market, your responsibility as a manufacturer can be a burden. To make the issues more complex, results (data points) that are produced must be interpreted in terms of current regulations and product requirements.

When is it time to ask for help?

Product development is not just formulating an entirely new device in response to a newly defined need in the market; it can also involve the modification or adaptation of an established product. From initial testing and evaluation on pre-market prototypes to root cause analysis on product recalls, we work with your team to ensure your best possible product is on the market. Whether it be designing and performing custom experiments to test the functionality of a product in extreme conditions, or measuring data points required by regulatory bodies, our experts provide a flexible working relationship based on your technical needs and scheduling demands.

Benefits of Working with RJ Lee Group Industrial Scientists

Manufacturing competition requires companies to balance material cost with improving performance and reliability. RJ Lee Group experts are available throughout the product life cycle to assist in producing the many data points needed, and putting those results in the correct context for your project. Our established technical experts combine their efforts to ensure the success of the product:

  • Establish and advise on material performance guidelines
  • Assist in method development through the design and execution of customized, large cycle testing
  • Provide support in the context of consumer product development regulations
  • Stimulate progressive discussion on future potential challenges in the marketplace for the product