Your Solution for Big Data

SEAMS is an augmented knowledge management platform that integrates diverse analytical data from various laboratory environments. Using Extract-Transfer-Load (ETL) and Graph Database (GDB) technologies, SEAMS categorizes big data based on domain or ontology, using artificial intelligence (AI) to perform in-depth analysis, modeling, and pattern recognition.


SEAMS is a unique combination of software and subscription services that gives access to RJ Lee Group’s AI-enabled Materials Knowledge Library, greatly expanding your own data to provide a holistic view of disparate datasets that enhances your materials knowledge.

Combine diverse analytical data sources from various laboratory environments into a single comprehensive view.

SEAMS categorizes data based on a customer’s domain or ontology, incorporating artificial intelligence for in-depth analysis, modeling, and pattern recognition. By transforming raw data into a Findable, Accessible, Integrable, and Recoverable (FAIR) graph database, SEAMS ensures that your information is organized and easily accessible, empowering users to do more.

Make well-informed decisions

Establish connections between data

Uncover insights within data

SEAMS is an invaluable resource for a wide range of industries that rely on regular materials analysis and materials characterization to support their operations.

  • Geology
  • Materials Engineering
  • Physics
  • Environmental Science
  • Chemistry
  • Forensics
  • Quality Assurance

Data Lake

  • Raw Data Storage
  • Store-Index-Retrieve
  • Tag-Classify-Annotate
  • Import and Export

Graph Storage

  • Structured Storage
  • Flexible and Extensible
  • Multiple Schemas
  • Entity and Relationships

Data Pipelines

  • Computational Framework
  • Extract-Transform-Load
  • Extendable Data Processing

Data Exploration

  • Find and Retrieve Data
  • Schema Agnostic
  • Your Data Models
  • Explore Data Relationships

Drive Digital Transformation

SEAMS drives digital transformation by making data from numerous, disparate datasets useable through sharing and authoritative decisioning across multiple locations. By aggregating and analyzing data with systematic processes, SEAMS lets you see the bigger data picture and unlock operational efficiencies across your organization.

SEAMS quickly ingests, curates, and transforms volumes of data for discovery of content while maintaining its pedigree.  Built with a Cloud-First architecture, SEAMS provides a secure foundation to systematically prepare and extract knowledge in support of executing existing and/or creating new analytics.

Enjoy Convenient Deployment Options and Security

 SEAMS offers flexible deployment options so users can choose between cloud-based or on-prem solutions to leverage the platform in a way that best aligns with existing infrastructure and security preferences.

SEAMS adheres to industry standards for data security and integrity so that data is handled and protected in accordance with federal regulations.

  • NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  • FIPS – Federal Information Processing Standards)

Explore the Benefits of SEAMS

Data Management

  • SEAMS uses a Graph database to store, organize, and categorize data based on a customer’s domain or ontology.
  • Data pedigree is maintained to remove doubt and risk from your decisioning needs.

Data Discovery

  • Systematic data linking connects the relationships found in the data making it easy to find all data with a single click.
  • Search and retrieve knowledge from a holistic view of aggregated data.

Analytics & Visualization

  • Access Public and User defined dashboards to capture and visualize insights using modern data visualization and analysis tools.
  • Access a clean, annotated trained database and AI models to detect and analyze imagery and chart data.


  • Unlock MS Azure cloud to easily expand capabilities as your company data needs grow.
  • Easily expand to support ever-expanding data regardless of format.


  • Increase efficiencies by bringing all structured and unstructured legacy information available under a single user interface.
  • Remove analysis efforts across multiple systems.
  • Share knowledge across resources to save time and costs.

Secure & Accessible

  • NIST 801 and FIPS 140 compliant along with MS Azure security policies.
  • Permission based, Users from remote workplaces can access and leverage the knowledge.
  • MS Azure Cloud Hosted or On-premise deployment offerings.