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Keith Wagner

Keith Wagner is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Physics and Physical Metallurgy. He has over 30 years of experience and is currently a Senior Materials Scientist with supervisory and technical responsibilities focused on industrial problem solving, forensic materials investigations and failure analysis for commercial, legal and governmental clientele. He has conducted materials evaluations on all classes of materials. Mr. Wagner has also published and presented on materials processing and failure analysis in the areas of metallic alloy systems, concrete and structural materials, nanotechnology, CO2 sequestration, particle and residual materials analysis, corrosion, wear and applications of various materials characterization techniques.

Mr. Wagner’s responsibilities have also included research, development and evaluation of a variety of mission critical defense systems and components. He was previously involved in various Nuclear Survivability Programs addressing thermo-mechanical, transient radiation and electromagnetic effects on materials, devices and systems. Mr. Wagner was co-author of the Tech Based Master Plan describing Nuclear Weapon Effects on Next Generation and Notional Systems. He has also investigated improvements for solid state components and memory device failures employed in missile navigation systems. Mr. Wagner has been involved in numerous prototype development and research projects dealing with device/component testing and accelerated life testing.

Mr. Wagner has authored numerous technical reports and client deliverable documents. He has published in technical and peer reviewed literature and has provided expert testimony in state and federal court.