Our Experts

Monica McGrath-Koerner

Monica McGrath-Koerner has been a talc & asbestos expert with RJ Lee Group since 2014. She has evaluated and analyzed a variety of materials using TEM, SEM, and PLM for mineral characterization including, but not limited to, the regulated asbestos minerals. Monica has assisted other RJLG consulting scientists in the analysis and data preparation of these materials for several state and federal cases. Monica graduated from Juniata College with a B.S. in Geology and from the University of Pittsburgh with a M.S. in Geology, with her thesis topic: “Investigation of talc petrogenesis in southwestern Montana using petrographic and geochemical methods.”

Monica also has extensive research experience outside RJLG, including from her time at Juniata College, when she conducted fluid inclusion research investigating the mineralization history of hydrothermal quartz as it is related to hydrocarbon movement. Combining scanning electron cathodoluminescent microscopy (SEM-CL) with fluid inclusion studies, she created montages of whole crystals, which revealed dissolution tracks in euhedral quartz. While conducting research at the University of Pittsburgh, Monica focused on petrology and geochemistry research. The study included using a clean lab to separate non-stable isotopes (Sm/Nd and Rb/Sr) for analysis by Thermal Ion Mass Spectroscopy (TIMS), and using separation techniques such as microwave digestion using HF and cation exchange columns. At RJ Lee Group, Monica conducted research on minerals including talc and the asbestos minerals, where she investigated the formations of these minerals and the geologic setting where they occur using TEM, SEM, and PLM. She has presented this research at various professional conferences. Along with these specific research studies, Monica has written and co-authored several publications in her field.