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Construction Materials

As regulations tighten and customer demands shift towards greener and more sustainable materials, the need to deliver high quality construction materials is greater than ever. With decades of laboratory, materials and industrial hygiene expertise, RJ Lee Group is your trusted scientific solution provider. From ensuring compliance to enhancing durability to fostering innovation, we ensure that you are one step ahead of the game to ensure success.

Our Approach

In the Metals & Alloys sector, RJ Lee Group's approach is characterized by a deep-rooted understanding of metallurgy combined with advanced analytical capabilities. Our culture is built on delivering precise, reliable results that drive innovation and solve complex industry challenges.

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Key Services
  • Metallurgical Failure Analysis
  • Corrosion Analysis and Prevention
  • Material Characterization and Testing
  • Welding and Joining Technology Assessment
  • Quality Control and Assurance
What Sets Us Apart

RJ Lee Group stands out in the metallurgical analysis field for our comprehensive problem-solving approach and the depth of our technical knowledge. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and our team's extensive experience enable us to tackle the most challenging metallurgical issues.

Consulting and Testing Services

Construction Materials and Concrete
Quality Assurance
Laboratory Testing
Materials Characterization

How We Support Our Clients

Manufacturing Supply Chain

We ensure material quality and compliance at every step of the supply chain.

Forensic Investigations

We identify the cause of failure in construction materials through detailed laboratory investigation.

Worker Safety and Environmental Regulations

We assess compliance with safety and environmental standards for worker protection.

Composition Analysis

We determine material composition to optimize performance and ensure adherence to specifications.

Strength and Durability

We evaluate construction materials for long term strength and durability under real world conditions.

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Advanced Structural Analysis and Testing Equipment
Sustainable Material Development Technologies
State-of-the-art Durability and Performance Testing Tools
Innovative 3D Modeling and Simulation Techniques

Representative Clients

Concrete, Steel, and Gypsum Manufacturers
Airports, Maritime Ports, Highways
Owner’s Representatives
General Contractors
Engineering and Architecture Firms

Client Success Stories

Aviation safety at a glance Centerlines and other navigational markings by corner of runway at a small civilian airport
Diagnosed Source of Concrete Failure at LAX.
Gypsum Board
Ensuring Compliance in Production of Gypsum Boards.
Mining & Minerals 7
Verification of Mining Raw Materials.

Discuss Construction Materials Testing with an Expert

Learn more about how RJ Lee Group’s construction materials experts can support your building process, from materials selection to durability assessments. Schedule a review of your needs with an RJ Lee Group expert today.
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