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We Make it Easy to Submit Samples

RJ Lee Group makes it easy to submit samples: simply follow the steps below to prepare, package, and ship your sample. Complete our online notification form to let the lab know your samples are on their way.

How to Submit a Sample for Analysis

  1. Contact our the laboratory at 800.860.1775 ext. 3 to request sample media or blanks if needed. If you are not sure if this is applicable to you, just ask.
  2. Complete the appropriate Chain of Custody form for your request. Please ensure that your form includes:
    1. Sample identification
    2. Turnaround time
    3. Sample volume and wipe areas
    4. Type of analysis requested
    5. Report to: name, phone number, email address
    6. Bill to: name, address, phone number, email address, and billing information
    7. Special instructions (if any)
    8. Signature and printed name, phone number, and email address of the person remitting the sample
    9. Attention to, if applicable
  3. Package and ship your sample, ensuring that a hard copy of the Chain of Custody paperwork is included with your shipment.
  4. Notify us that your shipment is on the way using the form below.

Meet with an Expert

RJ Lee Group’s team of scientists is ready to help – whether you need laboratory services or specialized consulting.