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Laboratory Testing Guides

RJ Lee Group’s services are rooted in decades of experience as a testing and analysis laboratory. Thousands of clients have benefitted from partnering with our multi-disciplinary subject matter experts through consultations and scientific investigations across our diverse fields of expertise.

Laboratory guides provide detailed information on the analytical and investigative services we provide to in fields such as construction, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy and many more. If you have any questions about the information in our laboratory guides, contact an RJ Lee Group expert.

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Laboratory Testing Guide 2024 - General_Page_1
General Information
Laboratory Testing Guide 2024 - Chemical Analysis and Characterization_Page_01
Chemical Analysis & Characterization Services
Laboratory Testing Guide 2024 - Concrete Materials_Page_1-1
Concrete Materials Testing Services
Laboratory Testing Guide 2024 - Materials_Page_1
Materials Analysis and Investigation Laboratory Services
Laboratory Testing Guide 2024 - Pharma and Devices_Page_1
Pharmaceutical Services and Medical Devices
Laboratory Testing Guide 2024 - Forensics_Page_1
Forensic Testing Services
Laboratory Testing Guide 2024 - Asbestos_Page_1-1
Asbestos Analytical Services
Laboratory Testing Guide 2024 - CBAL Short_Page_1
Columbia Basin Analytical Lab