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RJ Lee Group is dedicated to ensuring that your experience with us is as seamless as possible. Here you will find straightforward sample submission instructions, chain-of-custody forms, our accreditations, testing options and more. Discover all the ways we can you save time and increase efficiency.

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Unlock the full potential of product development and effortlessly navigate the legal landscape with our science-backed expertise.

View Our Laboratory Testing Guides

RJ Lee Group’s comprehensive laboratory testing guides give customers comprehensive information about all the analytical testing services we currently offer. If you need to know if a material or method is available, these guides provide the answer.

Submit a Sample

Easily submit samples for testing with clear instructions, shipping labels, chain of custody forms, and a convenient online notification that ensures our staff is fully prepared to execute your request when your sample arrives.

Discover Our Tools & Techniques

Learn how we employ the right tools and techniques, combined with unmatched industry expertise, to achieve reliable analytical results.

Our Accreditations

RJ Lee Group maintains current accreditations with numerous professional organizations as part of our total commitment to quality and continual improvement.

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RJ Lee Group’s team of scientists is ready to help – whether you need laboratory services or specialized consulting.