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RJ Lee Group’s multidisciplinary staff applies their scientific expertise and unbiased investigation to address the diverse needs of many different industries. Using state-of-the-art analytics and laboratory techniques, we provide consulting services to clients ranging from government agencies, to oil and gas, to pharmaceutical to ensure regulatory compliance, maintain quality control, drive research and development, and protect environmental health and safety.

Industries We Serve

Coatings & Specialty Chemicals

Discover new product possibilities through engineered coating processes, select materials that improve performance and reduce cost, and investigate the root cause of failures for continual improvement.

Construction Materials

Develop structures that are safer and more durable when you consult with our concrete, coatings, and metallurgical experts. 

Criminal Forensics

Go beyond gunshot residue testing and trace evidence analysis with a team of criminal investigation experts who can support you all the way to the courtroom.


Enhance and expand your engineering capabilities with consulting services for government contracts, research and development, laboratory management, and analytical services.


Get quick and reliable results for disaster response, safety testing, environmental protection and more when you work with a partner with decades of experience working with local, state, and federal agencies.

energy sector
Energy & Utilities

Improve fuel capture and enhance efficiency of production facility operations with services and expertise from RJ Lee Group, a leader in supporting growth and sustainability in the energy sector.


Reduce the burden on your staff of maintaining regulatory compliance with EH&S standards by distributing the workload with our knowledgeable and helpful team.

Forensic Litigation
Forensic Litigation

Prepare for litigation with defensible data backed by scientific expertise and clear communication that conveys even the most complex concepts.

Medical Devices
Medical Devices

Improve existing devices and develop new with expert guidance on proprietary materials and processes during research and development and manufacturing, as well as failure analysis and continual improvement.

Metals & Alloys
Metals & Alloys

Augment and expand your metallurgical research and analysis capabilities with industry leading technology and techniques, backed by dedicated material scientists.


Determine the root cause of microelectronic failures and improve quality control with advanced materials testing and analysis.

Mining & Minerals
Mining & Minerals

Understand the makeup and composition of raw materials to improve mining operations, mitigate risk, and maximize profit potential.

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas

Improve product quality and consistency with in-depth testing and analysis, and consulting services, from RJ Lee group’s team of Petro-Chem experts.


Investigate problems and analyze materials in an FDA-registered lab with a cGMP-level testing environment that develops and executed validated protocols.

Polymers & Plastics
Polymers & Plastics

Test new polymers, consult on material selection, and test prototypes and products more efficiently and effectively when you leverage the experience and technology of RJ Lee Group.

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