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Laboratory Management Software and Products

RJ Lee Group's cutting-edge digital solutions work across material and chemical industries to increase the efficiency and productivity of R&D and testing labs. Our technology is easy-to-use, fast, and flexible, and provides users with data optimization, customizable solutions, and technical support from subject matter experts for the lifetime of the product.

intelliSEM laptop

Intelligent Automation


IntelliSEM combines the microscopy expertise of RJ Lee Group with a best-in-class scanning electron microscopes and intelligent automation software to optimize workflows capturing particle data and converting data into actionable insights.

Particle ID

Compile, Search, Store


Compile, store, search, and mine analytical data with a particulate identification database solution that optimizes processes for foreign particulate matter and materials investigations.

SEAMS for Big Data

Collect and Connect Data


SEAMS is a Big Data knowledge management platform that provides a complete toolset for the collection, indexing, searching, analysis, and linking of engineering and scientific data. It is an enterprise informational map for correlating data across technology borders so it can be used more efficiently, more intuitively and more authoritatively for decision making.


TPS100 Nanoparticle Sampler

The first fully self-contained, handheld thermophoretic sampling device on the market.


UNC Passive Aerosol

This innovative and cost-effective technology is designed to obtain particulate concentration and composition information related to air quality in both indoor and outdoor environments.