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Automated Particle Analysis for SEM


Drawing on the unparalleled expertise and deep knowledge accumulated by our world-renowned microscopists, IntelliSEM represents a leap forward in microscopy. We combine state-of-the-art Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) technology sourced from the industry's most respected manufacturers, with cutting-edge automation software from  RJ Lee Group to provide superior performance.

The IntelliSEM experience goes beyond just hardware and software. Our team is dedicated to providing continuous support, sharing their wealth of knowledge, and assisting with any challenges that may arise. This means that when you choose IntelliSEM, you're not just getting a product; you're gaining a partnership with a group of passionate experts committed to propelling your research or project to new heights.

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More than Software

IntelliSEM is more than an amazing software platform, it is a system that brings together state-of-the-art SEM technology with expert support and consulting. Built by the scientists of RJ Lee Group based on their experience  working with our customers to solve their most challenging problems, IntelliSEM offers automation, data review, and data interpretation in one package. 

4 Ways that IntelliSEM is Different

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State of the Art

Seamlessly integrate with top-tier SEMs to provide  insights into particle morphology and chemistry

  • Multi-detector imaging
  • Phase Separation Analysis
  • Non-traditional feature detection
  • FractaLink™


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Simple to Use

The full expertise of RJ Lee Group is built in, our scientists optimized setup, review, reporting, and every aspect of operation to make it easy to use.   

  • Global Signal Map
  • Batch Reporting
  • Custom sample holders
  • One-Button and Expert setups
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Allows you to focus on understanding the true impact that particles may have on your operations. 

  •  Exclusion zones
  •  Saving rejected particles
  •  Linked charts
  •  Particle matching
  •  Classification
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Adapts to meet your needs, grows with you, and you get access to expert support and consultation, scalable in both volume and experience. 

  • Central Database
  • Custom Dashboards
  • RJ Lee Group Services


Key Applications

Steel Inclusions Distribution and Analysis
Not only is controlling the chemistry and distribution of inclusions in steel critical to the final product specifications, it is also critical for efficient production of steels. IntelliSEM’s speed combined with Phase Separation Analysis technology provides critical insights into the origin and formation of inclusions in steel.
Particulate Analysis in Environmental Health & Safety

From air quality at the International Space Station to source appropriation of nuisance dust, to airborne particulate in mining operations, IntelliSEM quickly provides a comprehensive picture to answer your questions. IntelliSEM helps companies, agencies, organizations, and individuals understand the makeup of what we breathe, build, and consume for regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

Material/Mineral Characterization in Failure Analysis

When industry, infrastructure, or products break down, IntelliSEM aids in connecting material failures to root causes so we can hold the right parties accountable and build a safer world. RJ Lee Group provides invaluable expert analytical support in understanding what occurred at the particle level, and the best approaches following failure to minimize or eliminate potential effects.

Quality Control in Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturers must no longer choose between output and accuracy. IntelliSEM provides the means for fast, reliable and high-volume quality control in additive manufacturing and other advanced components manufacturing, with the ability to analyze material composition with precision early and often, from raw material to product completion.

Additive Manufacturing

Investigate composition and morphology of recycled and virgin powders while inclusion and pore analysis of test coupons provide feedback on build parameters.

Wear Debris

Test-controlled wear of components and alert of impending failure due to excessive wear.


‘Fingerprint’ mineral compositions for suitability to use.


Pre-screen samples for asbestos prior to confirmation via TEM.

Battery Manufacture

Confirm and investigate composition and morphology of cathode and anode materials.

Forensic Investigations

Quickly scan samples from crime scene for ‘needle in the haystack’ particles that provide forensic investigators critical insights.

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Ready to put IntelliSEM to the test? Qualified organizations considering a particle  automation solution can submit a test sample for analysis using IntelliSEM. You'll receive a comprehensive material analysis, not a demo or  limited test results, so you'll be confident that IntelliSEM is the perfect solution for you. Restrictions apply and test slots are limited, so book your free sample analysis now.