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A Paradigm Shift in SEM Solutions


Combining best-in-class SEM technology from Thermo Fisher Scientific with RJ Lee Group's best-in-class automation software and consultation from our team of microscopy experts  produces a truly unique and unmatched SEM solution. 

"When best-in-class automation software and consulting are combined with best-in-class technology, you unlock a new level of value for innovation, speed and accuracy."

Dr. Richard J. Lee, Ph.D., Founder, RJ Lee Group

Why IntelliSEM?



80 Hours of consultation with microscopy experts

IntelliSEM is backed by RJ Lee Group's team of scientific experts that you can turn to for assistance and advice in fine-tuning your system to best meet your needs. 80 hours of consulting time is included with your purchase, so you never have to go it alone. 

Speed and Cost

Optimized Workflow

IntelliSEM is built to capture and analyze data, and RJ Lee Group is here to help you make the most of the tools before you, at every step of the particle analysis and characterization process.

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Sample Prep

Start with asking the right questions, then select and prepare the samples best fit for data-driven answers. Send samples to our labs or utilize your in-house SEMs.

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Data Gathering

Patent pending algorithms capture, classify, and organize your data based on customizable recipes.

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Data Analysis

Review and interpret IntelliSEM data with other users or the microscopy experts of RJ Lee Group.

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Capture your findings, context, and conclusions in powerful reports for additional discovery and next steps.

Utilized by best-in-class organizations

Data Visualization

One single rendering. Thousands of ways to understand. IntelliSEM’s powerful Global Signal Map interface offers a clean, customizable format that displays all cataloged features in their detected location. There’s no need to choose between detail and efficiency. Easy navigation allows the user to pan, zoom, detail specific particles, and color code each rendering to see the small details, the larger context, and everything in between. Customizable pop-ups provide additional data on particles of interest.


Phase Separation Analysis

IntelliSEM’s one-of-a-kind Phase Separation Analysis™ (patent pending) characterizes multiphase particles with accuracy and integrity. Rather than analyzing a particle as a single entity with a single, blended EDS spectrum, Phase Separation Analysis™ characterizes the different phases of such particles, providing new insights into the formation of inhomogeneous particulate.

Data Markup for Exclusions and Rejected Features

Rejected and excluded data are not always categorically useless. InteliSEM saves measurements and details the reasoning behind each rejected feature. These can be included in data review and analysis for a comprehensive view of a sample or skipped altogether if desired. By excluding or including specific features from an analysis, a user can zoom in on the data of interest or zoom out and see the overall picture. A rejected area on a sample can be excluded from analysis instead of having to start over and prepare a better sample.



Repeatability and Processing

IntelliSEM quickly reprocesses data utilizing different perspectives for a full picture of the data’s meaning. This gives a user the ability to overrule the automatic particle classification on a per particle basis, allowing the user to direct data analysis to specific particles of interest. Data reprocessing allows investigation without the need to re-acquire data, to segment all features in new, user-defined, classes, and to retrace features for accurate morphology when features overlap. Then, save all analysis parameters as a recipe for future recall.

Collaboration Enabled by Shared Data Storage

Your analysis is expanded – your time retained – when you’re able to access, markup, and collaboratively utilize the data of your entire team. IntelliSEM data is stored in a central SQL database accessible offline or for viewing by multiple users at once. See the progress and notations of other team members in genuine time.


On Demand Access to RJ Lee Group Scientists And Experts

The person at the other end of the line is a scientist – a subject matter expert who can help you in whatever capacity you need in that moment. Whether that’s a better understanding of the full capability of your machine or better insight into one specific sample. Our subject matter experts are available to reduce the learning curve and provide industry-specific insights.



Compatibility with Thermo Scientific Apreo 2 SEM

The Thermo Scientific Apreo 2 SEM provides microscopists of all levels access to high-performance imaging. IntelliSEM and RJ Lee Group’s scientists unlock new levels of performance and automation by collecting data outside a user’s office hours to get reports sent to your inbox when you’re ready to work again.


Where Innovation Meets Application

Key Applications

Steel Inclusions Distribution and Analysis

Not only is controlling the chemistry and distribution of inclusions in steel critical to the final product specifications, it is also critical for efficient production of steels. IntelliSEM’s speed combined with Phase Separation Analysis technology provides critical insights into the origin and formation of inclusions in steel.

Particulate Analysis in Environmental Health & Safety

From air quality at the International Space Station to source appropriation of nuisance dust, to airborne particulate in mining operations, IntelliSEM quickly provides a comprehensive picture to answer your questions. IntelliSEM helps companies, agencies, organizations, and individuals understand the makeup of what we breathe, build, and consume for regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

Material/Mineral Characterization in Failure Analysis

When industry, infrastructure, or products break down, IntelliSEM aids in connecting material failures to root causes so we can hold the right parties accountable and build a safer world. RJ Lee Group provides invaluable expert analytical support in understanding what occurred at the particle level, and the best approaches following failure to minimize or eliminate potential effects.

Quality Control in Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturers must no longer choose between output and accuracy. IntelliSEM provides the means for fast, reliable and high-volume quality control in additive manufacturing and other advanced components manufacturing, with the ability to analyze material composition with precision early and often, from raw material to product completion.

Additive Manufacturing

Investigate composition and morphology of recycled and virgin powders while inclusion and pore analysis of test coupons provide feedback on build parameters.

Wear Debris

Test-controlled wear of components and alert of impending failure due to excessive wear.


‘Fingerprint’ mineral compositions for suitability to use.


Pre-screen samples for asbestos prior to confirmation via TEM.


Confirm and investigate composition and morphology of cathode and anode materials.

Forensic Investigations

Quickly scan samples from crime scene for ‘needle in the haystack’ particles that provide forensic investigators critical insights.

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