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Air Sampling & Analysis

Understanding and improving air quality is an essential mission for communities and industries alike because it provides us with the knowledge and tools needed to safeguard our health, reduce pollution, and create a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.

RJ Lee Group provides practical solutions for indoor and outdoor air quality sampling, monitoring, and emissions analysis to keep people and the environment safe and healthy, and organizations compliant and free from legal headaches. We help commercial clients monitor volatile organic compounds(VOCs), we test for potentially harmful VOC releases as a result of accidents or natural disasters, and we help companies expand their capabilities and understanding of air quality testing.

Silica Analysis
Air Sampling Applications

Air sampling is used in many industrial and commercial sectors, and the technology used to execute a comprehensive air sampling and analysis plan with RJ Lee Group has several applications, including:

  • Vapor Intrusion Studies
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Quality Control Evaluations
  • Environmental Test Chamber Testing
  • Headspace Sampling
  • Industrial Emissions Evaluations
  • Analyzing for the presence of asbestos, dust, metals, crystalline silica, PCBs, PNAs, and dioxins
Beryllium Testing

Accurate testing and analysis of Beryllium heavy metals from sources ranging from natural rock erosion to coal mining is a vital part of maintaining environmental health and safety for your organization. RJ Lee Group provides accurate reporting that details the origins of any trace beryllium and our consulting experts can help address and resolve issues.

RJ Lee Group’s testing methods comply with EPA, NIOSH, and OSHA standards.

Construction Materials
PTR-MS Air Sampling

Proton Transfer Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) measures low concentrations of VOCs in real-time, making it ideal for monitoring air quality and detecting contamination. RJ Lee Group uses PTR-MS to measure the presence of environmental hazards like secondhand smoke, anesthetic gases in hospitals, and trace amounts of contamination in industries that require a sterile workplace.

Our PTR-MS technology offers many advantages over traditional methods:

  • No sample preparation
  • Near Real-Time Analysis (Response time <100 ms)
  • Instant measurement of contamination
  • Changes in the air can be captured daily
  • Very low limit of detection (LoD ~ 5 ppt) of VOCs
  • Allows monitoring of any indoor/outdoor air in any environment
  • Does not use carrier gases, which can dilute the sample
Mobile PTR-MS Vehicles

RJ Lee Group’s mobile PTR-MS laboratory provides rapid response and ongoing monitoring for outdoor locations to perform air sampling on-site for chemical producers, power plants, petroleum refineries, and other industrial businesses. Our mobile PTR-MS laboratories can also record day-to-day emissions from motor vehicles in areas of concern or be deployed to provide real-time monitoring of air quality after a natural or industrial disaster to aid in remediation efforts.

When used in a remote operation, the PTR-MS can monitor:

  • Long-range effects of VOCs, providing chemical concentration maps in real-time
  • Waste incineration and biomass monitoring, such as brushfires and forest fires
  • Agricultural applications, such as the impact of reactive trace gases above swamps, dairies, and feedlots, and the use of pesticides
  • Airborne contaminant from an accident, spill, or unintentional discharge.
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Keith Rickabaugh, CIH, MBA

Technical Director, Materials & Analytical Services

Keith possesses over 25 years of involvement using applied sciences and instrumental analysis methods to investigate matters that have or may have legal relevance. One of his core competencies is the ability to simplify complex issues and clearly communicate findings to target audiences as well as to the general population.

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