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RJ Lee Group Brings IntelliSEM to Thermo Fisher Scanning Electron Microscopes


RJ Lee Group

RJ Lee Group Brings IntelliSEM to Thermo Fisher Scientific SEMs

RJ Lee Group, a recognized leader in analytical and consulting services, announced that their IntelliSEM® software will be available on certain scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) from Thermo Fisher Scientific for new Thermo Fisher customers looking for advanced materials characterization, capturing and characterizing environmental particulate, characterizing metals, and automated nanoparticle characterization.

IntelliSEM is a powerful software package supported by microscopy experts that enhances the imaging and analysis capabilities of SEMs by automating many of the complex tasks involved in data acquisition and processing. With IntelliSEM, scientists doing advanced research can quickly and easily acquire high-quality data and perform detailed analysis of samples.

RJ Lee Group has integrated IntelliSEM into Thermo Scientific™ SEMs within the Apreo instrument family, making it available to customers worldwide. The integration of the software into such Thermo Scientific SEMs provides researchers with advanced imaging and analysis tools to accelerate their research and development projects.

“RJ Lee Group is thrilled to work with Thermo Fisher Scientific to integrate IntelliSEM into their scanning electron microscopes,” said Dr. Richard Lee, CEO and President of RJ Lee Group. “Our collaboration will enable researchers to better understand the properties and behavior of their materials, leading to improved product development and better outcomes for their customers.”

To learn more visit https://explore-intellisem.rjlg.com

About RJ Lee Group

The RJ Lee Group is a pioneering force in analytical solutions, scientific consulting, litigation support, and innovative lab automation software. With a distinguished history spanning over 35 years, we are at the forefront of materials characterization, analytical testing, and scientific consulting services. Our talented team of experts thrives on pushing the boundaries of knowledge, harnessing cutting-edge technologies, and fostering collaborative partnerships with clients across diverse sectors.

As an industry leader, the RJ Lee Group plays a pivotal role in addressing complex challenges, uncovering material mysteries, enhancing product quality, and ensuring regulatory compliance. We take pride in empowering organizations to make informed decisions that drive progress and success. Our work represents the convergence of science, innovation, and practical solutions.

About Thermo Fisher Scientific

For more information, please visit www.thermofisher.com.

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