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A History of Expertise and Innovation

RJ Lee Group has assessed environmental issues since the early 1980s when our Energy Technology Consultants (ETC) pioneered the recognition of specific air quality patterns. We developed a cutting-edge technique for identifying, measuring, and characterizing particles in the air using computer-controlled scanning electron microscopy (CCSEM).

RJ Lee Group has worked with clients in various industries, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to assess and provide solutions for environmental factors that could affect our health. Our services have grown over the years, from setting controls for unbound nanoparticles (UNP) to designing and building test chambers to simulate specific environmental conditions.

Today we offer our expertise for our clients’ environmental and compliance concerns and perform rigorous assessment and management of potential environmental risks.


Construction Materials

Construction materials testing has become a crucial piece to those building the roads, bridges, and rail systems that make up our infrastructure. The durability, safety, and chemical makeup of the roads we drive on every day impact our ease of movement short term and our safety over time. RJ Lee Group not only provides organizations routinely conducts evaluations of concrete, stucco, and aggregate. Leveraging petrographic techniques, chemical analyses, and physical tests, we assess concrete defects and premature product failures, and we undertake quality assurance and mix design evaluations.

How Petrographic Analysis Can Help You

Our experts use standard methods, including optical (ASTM C856) and modern scanning electron microscopy (ASTM C1723) techniques, to quickly and accurately determine the root causes of concrete failures and distress.

Petrographic analysis can identify common causes of concrete failure, profile the “as-built” concrete mix design, identify problematic construction practices, and analyze aggregates before construction starts.

Construction Consulting
Industrial Forensic Services & Investigations

Our industrial forensics approach combines expertise in corrosion and concrete to support engineering firms. We help engineers complete structural condition assessments of reinforced concrete structures, evaluate historical construction for adaptive reuse, perform chemical analyses of construction materials, and perform simulated durability tests.

We Support Your Manufacturing Supply Chain

Our clients benefit from our multi-disciplinary expertise in mineral characterization. The capabilities of our full-service laboratory enable us to support manufacturers and their product supply chain. 

Worker Safety & Environmental Regulations

RJ Lee Group provides analytical and construction consulting services to support mining and mineral processing operators. We understand our client’s need to resolve their regulatory and environmental concerns promptly is critical.

Turning Science Into Solutions

Services to meet your needs

RJ Lee Group’s scientific experts use a variety of laboratory techniques, including x-ray diffraction, electron and optical microscopy, and wet chemistry techniques designed to suit your needs. We offer a range of services, backed by a team of respected industry experts, to assist you in product development, quality control, risk management, and safety.

  • Verification of raw and in-process materials to ensure they meet product specifications.
  • Determination of the mineral composition of mined ore, raw material, and finished products.
  • Characterization of ores and products for regulated minerals and/or contaminant minerals.
  • Geological evaluations of mines and quarries.
  • Product use simulation studies.
  • Scientific litigation support for product liability and toxic tort.
  • OSHA, MSHA, and EPA-mandated analytical methods for routine compliance monitoring for asbestos, crystalline silica, metals or vapors.
  • Analysis of air samples for ambient, combustible, and flammable gases.
  • Analysis of surface and groundwater samples.
  • Characterization of mine waste.
Construction Materials, Mining and Minerals Lab Testing Guide
Case study

Case study

How AeroTech Secured Its Future

When AeroTech Industries faced recurring defects in a crucial aircraft component, they were at risk of losing multi-million dollar contracts and jeopardizing the jobs of hundreds of employees. They enlisted the help of RJ Lee Group, who quickly deployed a team of technical experts. Through state-of-the-art forensic analysis, RJ Lee Group identified and rectified the root cause—a flaw in the casting process—eliminating the defect and preserving AeroTech's contracts.

Michael Baker

expert spotlight

Michael Baker

Construction Materials Laboratory Manager

Michael Baker serves as the Department Manager of the Concrete Materials Laboratory and has nearly a decade of experience in concrete petrographic studies at RJ Lee Group. In addition to managing the concrete materials laboratory operations, he directs and conducts petrographic evaluations, in combination with chemical and physical testing, to identify failure and distress mechanisms in concrete and cementitious materials.

Discuss Your Materials Needs with an Expert

Get to the root of your construction materials challenges with RJ Lee Group’s construction consulting services. Proactively analyze your minerals and construction materials and perform durability tests with us so that you can keep building confidently and safely. Schedule a chat with an RJLG expert today.