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Environmental and Industrial Hygiene at Columbia Basin Laboratories

Protecting the health of employees, the surrounding community, and the environment is requirement for most organizations, yet many lack the resources to remain fully compliant with current safety standards and clean air regulations. RJ Lee group’s environmental health and safety services allow our clients to meet their obligation without taking on the burden themselves.

As part of our commitment to Offering our clients convenience and deficiency, we established the Columbia Basin Analytical Laboratories in Pasco, WA to expand our EH&S capabilities and better serve our West Coast clients.

A History of Expertise and Innovation

RJ Lee Group has assessed environmental issues since the early 1980s when our Energy Technology Consultants (ETC) pioneered the recognition of specific air quality patterns. We developed a cutting-edge technique for identifying, measuring, and characterizing particles in the air using computer-controlled scanning electron microscopy (CCSEM).

RJ Lee Group has worked with clients in various industries, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to assess and provide solutions for environmental factors that could affect our health. Our services have grown over the years, from setting controls for unbound nanoparticles (UNP) to designing and building test chambers to simulate specific environmental conditions.

Today we offer our expertise for our clients’ environmental and compliance concerns and perform rigorous assessment and management of potential environmental risks.

scientific collaboration

Columbia Basin College

A the Columbia Basin Testing Laboraroty is an innovative collaboration between Columbia Basin College (CBC) and RJ Lee Group, Inc., conveniently situated on the CBC campus in Pasco, WA. Affectionally known CBAL, this facility is your go-to hub for environmental and radiological research, analytical chemistry, and surface characterization, serving federal, state, and industry clients with precision and expertise.

As an accredited laboratory, CBAL ensures the highest standards in its services, offering clients the added advantage of tapping into the extensive capabilities, advanced instrumentation, and expertise available at RJ Lee Group's materials characterization laboratory.

Elevate your research and analysis with CBAL – where state-of-the-art meets convenience for unparalleled results.

See all of  the testing and analysis services available at CBAL.

Discuss Your Industrial Hygiene Needs with an Expert

Take the right steps to ensure environmental health and safety in your workplace with RJ Lee Group’s full-service facilities at Columbia Basin Analytical Laboratories. Schedule a time to chat with one of our experts about how we can improve your EH&S approach.