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A History of Expertise and Innovation

RJ Lee Group has assessed environmental issues since the early 1980s when our Energy Technology Consultants (ETC) pioneered the recognition of specific air quality patterns. We developed a cutting-edge technique for identifying, measuring, and characterizing particles in the air using computer-controlled scanning electron microscopy (CCSEM).

RJ Lee Group has worked with clients in various industries, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to assess and provide solutions for environmental factors that could affect our health. Our services have grown over the years, from setting controls for unbound nanoparticles (UNP) to designing and building test chambers to simulate specific environmental conditions.

Today we offer our expertise for our clients’ environmental and compliance concerns and perform rigorous assessment and management of potential environmental risks.


Mining & Minerals

At RJ Lee Group, our Mining and Mineral Characterization expertise supports the backbone of the nation's supply chain. We cater to a spectrum of industries relying on minerals, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and essential infrastructure. Our focus extends to mining operations essential for producing materials for roads, bridges, and rail systems, as well as sustaining a portion of the nation's energy through coal. 
Worker Safety and Environmental Compliance

Mining safety equipment and environmental monitoring tools We specialize in offering analytical and consulting services for mining and mineral processing industries. Our team is adept at resolving regulatory and environmental issues promptly, ensuring compliance and safety. Our services include: 

  • Compliance monitoring as per OSHA, MSHA, and EPA regulations, focusing on asbestos, crystalline silica, metals, and vapors. 
  • Ambient, combustible, and flammable gas analysis in air samples. 
  • Examination of surface and groundwater samples. 
  • Comprehensive mine waste characterization. 
Testing for Respirable Silica

Mine operators are required to routinely collect and submit air samples to test for respirable silica to ensure that it remains complaint with Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) permissible exposure limits (PEL).  

RJ Lee Group provides mine operators with a full range of services to ensure miner safety and operator regulatory compliance. From consulting to rapid turnaround time testing, we are your partner for respirable silica. 

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Supply Chain Support for Manufacturers

Our expertise in mineral characterization benefits our clients across manufacturing sectors. We provide: 

  • Third-party verification of raw and processed materials to confirm product specifications. 
  • Detailed mineral composition analysis of mined ore, raw materials, and finished products. 
  • Ore and product characterization for regulated or contaminant minerals. 
  • Geological assessments of mining sites and quarries. 
  • Product use simulation studies for practical insights. 
  • Scientific litigation support including product liability and toxic tort cases. 
  • Advanced geotechnical services for comprehensive assessments. 
Advanced Techniques for Mineral Characterization

Our scientific team employs a range of specialized analytical techniques for precise mineral characterization: 

  • X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) for phase identification. 
  • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) for elemental analysis. 
  • Wet chemistry methods for accurate concentration measurement. 
  • Electron microscopy (SEM, TEM) for detailed particle analysis. 
  • Optical microscopy (PCM, PLM) for mineral identification and quantification. 
  • Spectroscopy (Infrared, Raman) for advanced particle identification. 
Construction Materials, Mining and Minerals Lab Testing Guide
Case study

Case study

How AeroTech Secured Its Future

When AeroTech Industries faced recurring defects in a crucial aircraft component, they were at risk of losing multi-million dollar contracts and jeopardizing the jobs of hundreds of employees. They enlisted the help of RJ Lee Group, who quickly deployed a team of technical experts. Through state-of-the-art forensic analysis, RJ Lee Group identified and rectified the root cause—a flaw in the casting process—eliminating the defect and preserving AeroTech's contracts.

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At RJ Lee Group, we are committed to providing exceptional expertise in Mining and Mineral Characterization, ensuring your operations are efficient, compliant, and safe. Our thorough and innovative approaches guarantee the integrity and quality of your products and processes.