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RJ Lee Group 2 min read

RJ Lee Group Develops a Characterization System for Testing Air Monitoring Sensor Devices for South Coast Air Quality Management District


RJ Lee Group

RJ Lee Group recently developed an exposure/characterization chamber (SEnTeC-2) to assist with sensor networks/sensor load program calibration, performance testing, and supplementary testing for low-cost sensors. It has comprehensive pollutants/software controls, developed in collaboration with Edelweiss Technology (Cleveland, OH) and  IEStechno (Morgantown, WV). This SEnTeC-2 chamber was built for the South Coast Air Quality District for its new air quality sensor performance evaluation center, a new offering for other air quality entities. The development and execution of highly specialized testing scenarios by the SEnTeC-2 system (i.e., vibration, wind speed, and altitude tests) can provide additional insights into the performance of low-cost sensors under extreme conditions.  Read More about the AQ-SPEC and RJ Lee Group’s contributions.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) is the air pollution agency responsible for regulating stationary sources of air pollution in the South Coast Air Basin (Southern California). It includes all of Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County. South Coast AQMD has been a leader in the nation’s efforts to reduce air pollution emissions.