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RJ Lee Group 1 min read

RJ Lee Group Introducing the Second Generation IntelliSEM Software for Automated Identification and Analysis of Particles


RJ Lee Group

In April 2021, RJ Lee Group is introducing the second-generation IntelliSEM software for automated identification and analysis of particles.

IntelliSEM software applies high-performance instrument control and data analysis to scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDX), and provides a rich set of tools for data visualization and collaboration. The flexibility, speed, and data management provided by IntelliSEM secures its key role in areas as diverse as steel inclusion analysis, environmental air particulates, additive manufacturing, and many more.

This new generation of IntelliSEM software, provides improved loading and management capabilities of large datasets, more archive and import abilities, and increased functionality to share datasets with other users. Customizable report templates and a live view in the database during data acquisition further improve sample throughput.

“The flexibility and collaboration provided by the second generation IntelliSEM allows RJ Lee Group to better serve its customers,” said Dr. Richard Lee, CEO and founder of RJ Lee Group. “This new generation of IntelliSEM allows our scientists to collaborate with customers worldwide solving their most complex material science issues.”

For companies with high volume or time-critical requirements, RJ Lee Group also supports the in-sourcing of IntelliSEM technology.