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Coatings and Specialty Chemicals

Coatings  and specialty chemicals serve as mission-critical components of product performance and sustainability across a wide array of industries. RJ Lee Group, leveraging its extensive expertise in materials science and chemical analysis, provides insights and solutions that drive innovation and ensure compliance in this complex field. Our scientists use advanced instrumentation and methodologies to tackle both standard and one-off challenges in these fields.

Our Approach

At RJ Lee Group, we understand that the functionality and durability of coatings and specialty chemicals are pivotal to your product's success. Our approach combines cutting-edge analytical techniques with a deep understanding of material science, ensuring precision and reliability in every analysis. Our culture of innovation and problem-solving directly translates into exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Chemical Analysis & Characterization Working

Key Services

  • Advanced Surface Analysis
  • Coating Failure Analysis
  • Chemical Composition and Contamination Analysis
  • Durability and Performance Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance Consultation

What Sets Us Apart

Our unique combination of state-of-the-art laboratories, unparalleled technical expertise, and a commitment to delivering actionable insights sets us apart in the field. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide comprehensive solutions from initial analysis to final product optimization.

  • Developing eco-friendly and sustainable chemical formulations.
  • Enhancing product longevity and durability through advanced testing.
  • Cost-effective, innovative coating solutions tailored to specific applications.
  • Rigorous quality control and consistency assessments.

Testing Services

Coatings and Materials Characterization
Environmental Compliance and Chemical Safety Consulting
Specialty Chemicals Analysis and Consulting
Failure Analysis and Warranty Claim Investigations

How We Support Our Clients

Process Optimization for Coating Applications

Enhancing efficiency and reliability in coating processes through rigorous analysis of surface preparation, raw material quality and process variables.

Material Selection and Characterization
Guiding clients in selecting optimal materials based on service characteristics, utilizing advanced surface science instrumentation to provide the scientific insights needed for informed decision-making.

Root Cause Analysis
Identifying the underlying causes of failures in coatings and specialty chemicals applications to mitigate risks and prevent future occurrences.

Environmental and Regulatory Compliance
Ensuring products and processes meet stringent environmental and safety regulations, supporting clients in navigating the complex regulatory landscape.


High-precision Chromatography and Spectroscopy for detailed analysis
Nanotechnology applications in coatings development
Advanced simulation tools for product performance prediction
Custom chemical synthesis and formulation technologies

Representative Clients

Paints, Coatings and Specialty Chemical Manufacturers
Consumer Goods Manufacturers
Aerospace and Automotive Manufacturers
Environmental Health & Safety Consultancies

Client Success Stories

Industrial Coating_SM
Root Cause Analysis Leading to Improved Durability of Industrial Coatings.
Steel Beams Coated
Optimization of Coating Processes for Enhanced Performance.
Chemicals 2
Successful Navigation of Environmental Compliance for Specialty Chemical Production.

Discuss Coating and Specialty Chemical Analysis with an Expert

RJ Lee Group’s application of chemical analysis in the testing of coatings can improve product performance, protect your organization, and provide valuable scientific insights. Contact a coatings and specialty chemicals expert today tp discuss how our tailored solutions can enhance your coatings and chemicals.
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