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Energy and Utilities

RJ Lee Group's extensive experience in materials science and chemistry provide a powerful backbone for energy and utilities clients addressing intricate, mission-critical issues. From ensuring the integrity of infrastructure to optimizing resource utilization and minimizing environmental impacts, our team delivers tailored analytical and consulting services to meet the diversifying and expanding materials needs of energy and utilities providers.

RJ Lee Group provides efficient, science-backed consulting services to can tell you why a failure happened, how to correct it, and how to prevent it in the future. From the minute examination of nanomaterials and semiconductor substrate on solar panels to the bulk testing of various concrete mixtures for underground nuclear waste storage, our experts work to ensure your materials are best suited for your application. We help to resolve issues throughout the production process, including:

  • Turbine or generator cracks
  • Corrosion from chemical interaction between materials
  • Coating deterioration on insulators
  • Welding issues on well casings
  • Transmission tower stability

Our Approach

RJ Lee Group's approach to the energy and utilities sector is informed by a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges and a commitment to sustainable, efficient solutions. Our team's expertise in materials and environmental science ensures accurate, actionable insights for our clients.

Control Room

Key Services
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Material Degradation and Corrosion Studies
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Consulting
  • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Assessment
  • Infrastructure and Equipment Failure Analysis
What Sets Us Apart


We distinguish ourselves in the energy and utilities industry with our holistic approach to problem-solving, combining technical expertise with environmental stewardship. Our solutions are not only technically sound but also geared towards sustainable industry practices.

Consulting and Testing Services

Infrastructure Integrity Assessments

Providing insights into the condition and lifespan of critical infrastructure, including turbines, generators, and transmission towers.

Corrosion and Material Degradation Analysis

Identifying and mitigating the chemical and physical interactions that lead to material deterioration, ensuring long-term operational efficiency.

Coating and Insulation Evaluation

Assessing the performance and durability of protective coatings and insulators to prevent failures and extend the service life of equipment.

Environmental Compliance

Offering comprehensive testing and consulting services to navigate regulatory requirements, focusing on air and water quality, waste management, and renewable energy initiatives.

How We Support Our Clients

Advanced Material Analysis

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to characterize materials at the micro and nano-scale, enabling precise understanding of material behavior under various conditions.

Problem Solving and Failure Analysis

Investigating failures in infrastructure and equipment to provide actionable insights for prevention, repair, and improvement.

Environmental and Occupational Health

: Developing and implementing monitoring, sampling, and analysis programs to ensure compliance with environmental health and safety standards.

Mature engineer on building roof checking solar panels


Advanced Energy Analysis and Modeling Tools
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Environmental impact studies and sustainability consulting
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Safety and reliability testing for energy systems and components
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Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring Systems

Representative Clients

Energy Production Companies
Energy Distribution Companies
Utility Service Providers
Renewable Energy Developers

Client Success Stories

Diagnosing the failure mechanism of an undersea oil pipe failure in a widely-publicized incident.
Tops of wind turbines against a wintry blue sky in northern Illinois
Diagnosing and resolving ball-bearing failures for a wind turbine company, enabling a longer product lifespan.
Implementing corrosion prevention strategies for natural gas utilities, enhancing pipeline integrity and safety.

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