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Engineering Firms

RJ Lee Group is a leading national provider of analytical and consulting services for Environmental Engineering firms, tackling the complexities of environmental impact, sustainability and regulatory compliance. With decades of experience in air quality, water treatment, waste management, and site remediation, we provide confidence that environmental regulations and sustainability goals will be precisely navigated on time, every time.

Organizations of all types and sizes rely on RJ Lee Group for engineering consulting services because of the many advantages we offer. We provide access to specialized expertise that allows you to scale as needed for maximum flexibility with cost predictability and savings. Your organization can remain focused on core competencies while tapping into a diverse pool of perspectives and experience that helps mitigate talent shortages and administrative burdens.

RJ Lee Group is a qualified prime contractor and sub-contractor in government contract research, laboratory management, analytical services, and R&D support programs. We maintain corporate-based, system-wide auditability in compliance with standard government contract and accreditation authorities’ requirements. A review of some of our most impactful work demonstrates the array of engineering and consulting services we offer across many scientific disciplines.

Our Approach

RJ Lee Group's approach in the engineering sector is defined by a meticulous fusion of scientific rigor and practical innovation. We understand that the engineering challenges of today demand not just technical expertise but also a profound understanding of the materials and processes involved. Our team integrates this knowledge with a client-focused approach, ensuring solutions that are not only scientifically sound but also commercially viable and sustainable.



Key Services
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Material and Process Development
  • Rapid Prototype Projects
  • Third-Party Laboratory Testing and Assessment
  • Manufacturing Support and Troubleshooting


What Sets Us Apart


RJ Lee Group stands out in the engineering industry due to our comprehensive approach, which encompasses everything from material selection to process optimization. Our diverse team of experts brings a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, allowing us to address engineering challenges from multiple perspectives.

Testing Services

Air and Water Quality Testing

Utilizing state-of-the-art analytical techniques to assess air and water samples for pollutants and contaminants, ensuring regulatory compliance and environmental safety.

Waste Characterization and Management

Providing detailed analysis and strategies for effective waste management, including hazardous materials, to minimize environmental impact.

Site Remediation and Environmental Restoration

Offering expert consulting on remediation strategies for contaminated sites to restore environmental integrity and meet regulatory standards.

Sustainability Consulting

Assisting clients in implementing sustainable practices in their operations to reduce environmental footprint and achieve sustainability goals.

How We Support Our Clients

Comprehensive Environmental Assessments

Conducting thorough evaluations of air, water, and soil to identify potential environmental hazards and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


Advanced Analytical Capabilities

Our laboratories are equipped with the latest technology for precise analysis of environmental samples, providing accurate and reliable data for decision-making.


Expertise in Regulatory Compliance

Providing the data necessary to remain compliant with environmental regulations and avoid potential fines or legal challenges.

Construction 3-1


3D Microscopy for detailed material and component analysis.
Stress Analysis Simulations to predict material behavior under load
Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) for efficient design and testing
Rapid Prototyping for quick turn-around of new concepts
Advanced Computational Modeling for predictive analysis

Representative Clients

Environmental Consultancies
Government Agencies and Municipalities
Industrial and Manufacturing Companies
Construction and Development Firms

Client Success Stories

Implementing a successful site remediation project for a contaminated industrial site, enabling redevelopment and community revitalization.
Developing air quality monitoring and management plans for a city facing significant air pollution challenges, leading to improved public health outcomes.

Discuss Engineering Consulting Services with an Expert

Learn more about how RJ Lee Group’s engineering consulting services can help your organization with environmental and industrial hygeine, data management, and product development. Contact an RJ Lee Group expert today and schedule a time to chat.
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