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Environmental health and safety (EH&S) is the lifeline that ensures hospitals stand as fortresses of care, where patients heal, lives are saved, and communities thrive. From infectious disease control to emergency preparedness, regulatory compliance to staff welfare, EH&S is the vigilant guardian that preserves the sanctity of healthcare, safeguarding lives and upholding the unwavering commitment to excellence in patient care.

RJ Lee Group’s EH&S compliance specialists have a thorough understanding of regulatory guidelines and possess the expertise to survey, sample, and evaluate healthcare environments. Whether your facility needs an occupational health & safety assessment, environmental health & safety assessment, remediation and actionable suggestions for change, or infection control services, our experts can help.

Our Approach

In the healthcare sector, RJ Lee Group’s approach is characterized by a blend of scientific accuracy and patient-centric focus. We understand the critical role that precise and reliable data plays in healthcare settings and strive to provide solutions that enhance patient outcomes and operational efficiency in hospitals.


Key Services
  • Environmental Sampling in Healthcare Facilities
  • Antineoplastic Drug Chemical Analysis
  • Compliance and Safety Audits
  • Biomedical Research Support
  • Healthcare Facility Consulting
What Sets Us Apart


RJ Lee Group is distinct in the healthcare industry for our ability to combine rigorous scientific analysis with a deep understanding of healthcare operations and patient safety concerns. Our expertise in environmental sampling and compliance ensures that hospitals can maintain the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Consulting and Testing Services

On-Site Testing

Improve safety and maintain regulatory compliance with environmental sampling and field surveys.

Laboratory Services

Mitigate risk with objective, science-backed investigation and consultation.

Regulatory Compliance and Sterile Compounding

Ensure your facility falls within SP Chapter 797.

How We Support Our Clients


Environmental health and safety assessments designed specifically for the unique needs of hospital settings.


Compliance Consulting

Regulatory compliance consulting for healthcare institutions that supports you all the way to verifying that programs are effective. 


Laboratory Support

Our team of experts will extend and enhance your in-house lab capability with deep experience, speed, and capacity. 


Litigation Services

We provide consultation, testing, analysis, and experts witness testimony for routine and high-profile legal cases. 

doctor handshake with a patient at doctors bright modern office in hospital


Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for hospital environments.
Healthcare Compliance Software for regulatory adherence.
Telemedicine Technologies for patient care innovation
Resource Management Systems for operational optimization
lab_icons_Data Search
Patient Data Analytics for service quality improvement

Representative Clients

Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centers
Surgical Centers, Amulatory Care
Dental Labs, Equipment Suppliers
Health Service Agencies
Veterans Administration

Client Success Stories

Family doctor handshaking a couple at the hospital
Wipe tests for pharmaceutical compounding facilities, required under USP 797.
Two surgeons washing their hands in a hospital sink
Testing of samples as part of industrial hygiene monitoring programs within hospital sites to prevent staph infections. 
Waiting room with reception in medical clinic
Conducted indoor air pollution study at a hospital to find the source of unknown deposits, identified as stray metal particles from the incinerator. 

Discuss Your Need for an EH&S Compliance Specialist

Learn more about how an RJ Lee Group EH&S compliance specialist can ensure the safety of the patients, workers, and administrators at your facility. Schedule a time to talk with one of our experts today.
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