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Forensic Litigation

Science Speaks for Itself; We Give It a Confident Voice

RJ Lee Group provides critical support in litigation matters, where scientific accuracy and clear communication can significantly influence outcomes of high-stakes cases. Our team brings over 30 years of experience in offering litigation services that combine robust, defensible data with the clarity and credibility necessary for courtroom success. We specialize in communicating complex scientific findings with simplicity and accuracy, ensuring that the most important facts are understood by all parties involved.

Our experts provide testimony in state and federal courts, contributing to cases from outside the public eye to large-scale forensic litigation. From warranty claims to personal injury lawsuits, RJ Lee Group’s experts provide clients with the scientific evidence and defensible data necessary to refute legal claims.

Our Approach

RJ Lee Group's approach in the legal sector is defined by our commitment to providing scientifically sound and legally defensible data. We understand the intricacies of legal cases and deliver clear, concise, and credible scientific testimony that can withstand the rigors of legal scrutiny.

Concrete Analysis

Key Services
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Scientific Evidence Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting
  • Environmental Litigation Support
  • Forensic Investigations
What Sets Us Apart

Our distinction in the legal field lies in our blend of scientific expertise and years of experience in high-stakes litigation. Our scientists are adept at translating complex data into evidence that is understandable for client, judge and jury alike.

Our Services

Document Review

Thoroughly analyzing scientific documents, studies and data as well as the opinions of other experts.

Visual Diagrams

Creating clear visual representations of complex aspects of the science in the case.

Early Scientific Consulting

Demonstrating insights early in the litigation process to give counsel confidence in approaches to legal disputes.

Case Support

Supporting complex cases including product liability, toxic torts,  environmental matters, construction defects, and patent infringement.

How We Support Our Clients

Scientific Expertise

Our multi-disciplined staff and in-house laboratory capabilities allow for rigorous analysis and interpretation of data, utilizing established scientific protocols to ensure the integrity of our findings.

Clear Communication

We excel in translating complex scientific information into a narrative that resonates both inside and outside the courtroom, providing a confident voice to the science.

Dynamic Case Support

Understanding that each case is dynamic, we adapt quickly to changing circumstances, maintaining a proven track record in meeting rigorous court deadlines with credible, trustworthy scientific results.

Litigation Support


Forensic Analysis Tools for evidence examination
Scientific Data Management Systems for case organization
Regulatory Compliance Databases for legal adherence
Advanced Visualization Tools for courtroom presentations
Litigation Support Software for case management efficiency

Representative Clients

AM Law 100 Firms
Small and Medium Law Firms
In-House Counsel at Fortune 500 Companies
Small and Medium Businesses

Client Success Stories

Influential expert testimony that has swayed jury decisions in complex litigation cases. 
Early settlements of product liability matters by establishing evidence with authoritative laboratory analysis.
soil sample
Successful navigation of environmental litigation through precise scientific analysis and clear presentation.

Discuss Your Forensic Litigation Needs with an Expert

Learn more about how RJ Lee Group’s subject matter experts can provide evidence-backed litigation strategies and support prevention of potential legal claims. We have dozens of experts across subject areas, backed by a robust system of junior scientists and laboratory technicians. Schedule a time to talk with an RJ Lee Group expert today.


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