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Government Agencies

Government agencies need a scientific consulting partner with a combination of expertise, regulatory knowledge, innovative solutions, and the ability to address their unique challenges while maintaining high ethical and quality standards.

RJ Lee Group has a long history of serving the United States government. Our reliability, proficiency, and experience provides comprehensive support for all levels of government, from providing testimony to serving on peer-review panels and advising on post-disaster response. RJ Lee Group experts consult on innovative technology development to eliminate research and development obstacles and respond to the challenges of information management with reliable software tools. We routinely support local, state, and federal agencies and are often called upon for the most important and impactful projects.

Our Approach

RJ Lee Group’s approach to serving government entities is founded on a commitment to scientific integrity and policy relevance. We understand the unique demands and responsibilities of government projects and tailor our services to meet these needs with precision, accuracy, and confidentiality.

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Key Services
  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Infrastructure Material Testing
  • Policy Advisory and Consulting
  • Data Analysis and Reporting

What Sets Us Apart


Our distinction in working with government agencies lies in our unwavering commitment to providing data-driven and scientifically robust solutions. Our team's expertise in navigating complex regulatory environments and our ability to communicate scientific findings effectively make us an invaluable partner to government entities.

Consulting and Testing Services

Full-Service Materials Laboratory

The largest suite of electron microscopes in the U.S., including advanced automated analysis. 

Environmental and Corrosion Testing

Conducting product-specific simulations, standard analyses and accelerated life testing in simulated service environments.

Product Development Support

Providing QA/QC analytical support, material identification and qualification, and manufacturing process troubleshooting.

Powdered Metal Characterization for 3D Printing Services
Specializing in flow and packing behavior analysis, particle size and shape distribution and compositional information by EDS.

How We Support Our Clients

Concrete Service Life Prediction 

Understand the maintenance needs and effective life of concrete infrastructure expert petrographic analysis.  


Post Disaster Assessment 

When bridges, roads, runways, buildings or other structures fail, we are your trusted partner for finding answers and preventing future problems. 


Mobile Labs 

Rapid-response testing for health concerns, natural disasters, spills, infrastructure issues and other emergencies. 


Regulatory Compliance

Navigate PFAS, lead, silica, asbestos and other regulations confidently with support from our team of experts. 

powder metal header


High-precision Chromatography and Spectroscopy for detailed analysis
Nanotechnology applications in coatings development
Advanced simulation tools for product performance prediction
Custom chemical synthesis and formulation technologies

Representative Clients

Government Health Agencies
State and Local Municipalities
Environmental Agencies
Transportaion and Aerospace
Military and Defense

Client Success Stories

air quality monitor

Assess worker and environmental exposure to potential unbound engineered nano-particle releases.

concrete supports

Simulation of environmental conditions over time to determine ingress of ionic solutions and evaluate deterioration mechanisms of critical concrete components.

bigstock_Airplane_Engines_2299365_MFPT booth

Software solutions to support aircraft engine reliability and manage enterprise-wide data integration.

International Space Station2

Air analysis on International Space Station using our innovative TPS100 nanoparticle sampler. 

Test Chamber-1

Designed and built a $900k environmental test chamber for the EPA.


Long-standing relationship with DOE and DOD covering radioactive analysis, chemical waste, industrial hygiene, health & safety, lead, water data centers, and more. 

Discuss Scientific Consutling for Government Agencies with an Expert

Discover how RJ Lee Group’s range of consulting, testing, and analysis services can help your agency. Contact an RJ Lee Group expert today to learn more about how we support programs from underground to outer space. 
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