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Mining & Minerals

As a foundational pillar for the global economy, the mining and minerals sector faces unique challenges both in ensuring the purity of product and in meeting updated demands for environmental sustainability. RJ Lee Group stands at the forefront of analytical expertise on each of these fronts. Our consulting scientists and laboratory provide confidence not only on compliance, but also in innovation and operational excellence.

Rapid, reliable lab testing & analysis is the key to a successful mining operation. Test results are vital to health and safety, environmental compliance, quality control, and regulatory compliance. Accurate results are also key to slope stability, waste management, resource allocation, and optimizing extraction equipment and methods.

RJ Lee Group’s team of scientists have broad expertise in geology, mineralogy, and metallurgy and years of experience assisting clients with research, operations, safety, and compliance, both in the lab and in the field.

Our Approach

RJ Lee Group brings a unique combination of geological expertise and advanced analytical capabilities to the mining and minerals sector. Our approach is driven by a commitment to precision, safety, and efficiency, directly benefiting our clients in their exploration and processing endeavors.



Key Services
  • Mineralogical and Geochemical Analysis
  • Ore Characterization and Processing Optimization
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Mine Safety and Risk Management
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting
What Sets Us Apart


What sets RJ Lee Group apart in the mining and minerals industry is our ability to provide comprehensive, end-to-end solutions. From exploration to environmental management, our team delivers insights that are both scientifically robust and practically applicable.

Consulting and Testing Services

Mineral Analysis and Geological Consulting
Environmental Compliance and Safety Consulting
Laboratory Testing for Mineral Composition and Quality
Advanced Materials Characterization

How We Support Our Clients

Mineral Characterization:
Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques to determine mineral composition for optimization and innovation.


Supply Chain Integrity:
Ensuring the quality and compliance of raw materials throughout the supply chain.


Environmental  and Worker Safety:
Assessing and ensuring adherence to stringent environmental and safety standards.


Sustainability Consulting:
Advising on sustainable mining practices meet current and future regulations.


RJLG Lab 15

Application Spotlight

Testing for Respirable Silica

In 2024, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) significantly lowered the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for respirable crystalline silica. Mine operators must routinely collect and submit air samples using a cyclone sampler with filter cartridge or a disposable parallel particle impactor (PPI). To maintain compliance and profitability, operators need an experienced partner for testing and analysis of air samples who can provide fast, accurate, and dependable results. 

The geologists and EH&S professionals at RJ Lee Group have been helping keep miners safe for over 40 years. We conduct on-site and off-site testing, help develop in-house laboratory capabilities, set up structured compliance timelines, and conduct routine audits tailored to align with MSHA standards. 

  • X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) equipment to process samples faster and with greater resolution.

  • Sensitivity to detect silica at very low limits, allowing us process samples from even a short duration exposure.

  • Experienced geologists to identify iterferences including mica, clays, kaolin, feldspar, graphite, and other minerals for greater accuracy and identification of other hazards.

  • Processing of bulk samples and air samples.

  • Rapid turnaround times at competitive prices.


High-precision Chromatography and Spectroscopy for detailed analysis
Nanotechnology applications in coatings development
Advanced simulation tools for product performance prediction
Custom chemical synthesis and formulation technologies

Representative Clients

Major Mining Corporations
Mineral Processing Companies
Environmental Consultancies
Raw Material Suppliers

Client Success Stories

Successful Defense in Litigation on Asbestos in a Quarry.
RJLG Lab 11
Confirmation of Product Purity.
Mining _ Minerals 21
Optimized Extraction Process for Rare Earth Minerals.

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