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David Schneider 3 min read

RJ Lee Group unveils new brand, logo, and website


David Schneider

Marketing Manager

RJ Lee Group announces a comprehensive update of our corporate brand that includes a vibrant new logo and evolution of our iconic green color. The decision to rebrand comes as RJ Lee Group continues to expand and diversify its services beyond lab testing and analysis. With a rich history in providing scientific expertise, the company has evolved to offer a wide range of services including scientific consulting, software development, mobile testing services, sampling products, and more.

The new company logo is a visual representation of RJ Lee Group's commitment to ongoing innovation and dedication to advancing scientific knowledge. The logo artfully combines the letters 'R' and 'J' in a continuous flow, symbolizing the seamless integration of scientific expertise. This design reflects the company's growth and serves as a reminder of the wisdom, expertise, and professionalism clients have relied on since 1986.

“RJ Lee Group has steadily grown and evolved over the years in response to our clients’ need for a trusted partner who can provide or extend scientific testing and analysis, offer world-class consulting expertise and experience, and deliver products that improve daily operations.”

“With a new headquarters location, a new website, and new services for PFAS testing and mobile VOC monitoring, it was time for a new logo and brand that would convey our solid foundation and our continual growth.”

Dr. Richard J, Lee, CEO

The redesigned website is a key component of the rebranding initiative, aimed at providing a modern, visually appealing, and user-friendly platform. The updated website offers improved navigation and search functionality, ensuring that clients and visitors can easily find the information they need. With expanded content and a responsive design, the website caters to the unique needs of visitors across various industries.

RJ Lee Group highlights its unique position in the industry through its rebranding by emphasizing the expertise and experience of its team of scientists. From petrographers to chemists to forensic specialists, the company's scientists are leaders in their respective field. Clients turn to RJ Lee Group not only for test results but also for insights, problem-solving, advice, and more. The rebranding highlights the company's position as a trusted partner, offering comprehensive solutions beyond traditional lab testing.

The success of RJ Lee Group's previous brand is evident through the recognition and trust it has garnered within the industry. The iconic green color and circular swirl logo are synonymous with the high standards and reliability of the company's services. The rebranding builds upon this foundation, reaffirming RJ Lee Group's commitment to excellence and innovation.

RJ Lee Group's rebranding announcement marks an exciting chapter in the company's journey. With a new company logo and a redesigned website, the company is ready to embrace the future while staying true to its core values of scientific excellence and client partnership. Visit www.rjleegroup.com to explore the enhanced website and learn more about the comprehensive services offered by RJ Lee Group.